An event that celebrates Brazilian art and culture!


The International Samba Congress is an event where culture and entertainment come together. It was created in 2016 by Aninha Malandro, Rodrigo Marques and Patrick Carvalho, three Samba personalities who had the wish to disseminate the Brazilian cultural heritage in USA. Focused on Brazilian folk dances, specially Samba and its different styles and variations, the ISC was launched in 2017 successfully, with a first edition programming that has also included music classes, competitions and performances.

In 2018, the city of Los Angeles hosted the event once more. It gathered more than 30 professional dancers and musicians that came from different parts of USA, from Brazil and many other countries.

The event was the stage for life-changing lessons, a honouree to the singer Dionne Warwick and for several groups who had performed remarkable tributes to the Brazilian traditions. The authentic Brazilian culture at its best! The success has replied ISC on special editions in Australia, Canada and Brazil.

For 2019, in partnership with the creators of the International Samba Congress Los Angeles, Irineu Nogueira and Cria Da Casa Productions, in association with Samba N’ Motion (USA), are taking the event to Europe. The main objective is to promote this great celebration for the European public too. Exclusive classes, concerts, competitions, performances and parties are taking place in Munich, Germany, and are all open for you! If you love Brazilian culture, you just can’t miss this experience!

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Team Europe:

Directors: Irineu Nogueira & Aninha Malandro

Producers: Cria da Casa Productions & Samba N’ Motion

Executive Producer: Priscila Wille

Music/Stage Producer: Tommy Bürkle

Producer: Mari Ribeiro

Team USA:

Creators: Aninha Malandro, Patrick Carvalho and Rodrigo Marques

Producer: Samba N’ Motion